Odour Control

Clean air innovator on hand at take away expo

By platform81

One of the UK’s leading innovators will be on hand to share his knowledge at this year’s Take Away Expo in London.

There are few who can boast being part of a team that will quite literally revolutionise the world but clean air innovator, David Glover PhD, the managing director of grease, odour and smoke control company Plasma Clean, can! David has worked with some of the best academic brains in the country, including Professor Andre Geim at Manchester University on the development of Graphene – pure carbon in the form of an ultra, one-atom-thin sheet set to transform technology, gadgets, and hardware around the world.

Scientists have a habit of continually innovating – helping to turn world class research into commercial applications, constantly seeking to improve everyday lives and products. Unsurprising then that Plasma Clean is a spin-out from the University, where the team are relentlessly looking to create new, more efficient ways to control grease, odour and smoke for pubs, hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets – anywhere that odour can be a nuisance.

And the solution? Advanced Oxidation Systems, developed using ozone and UV light to purify the air.

So for you budding scientists, and restaurateurs, out there, here’s how it works

Plasma Discharge

99.9% of the universe is Plasma!

Not a lot of people know this, Plasma is known as the fourth state of matter, essentially an ionised gas which makes up 99.9% of the universe! The sun is plasma and so are the stars and even lightning!

Lightning strikes due to the build-up of a high voltage in the clouds; eventually this becomes great enough to ionise – that is when air molecules are broken down and form plasma which is seen as lightning. The air smells fresher after a storm because it has been ionised.

So that’s why the air smells fresher after a storm !

And that is exactly the principle that the scientists at Plasma Clean applied to produce their first product in 2008 – the Xtract 2100. They discovered that by reproducing plasma, or miniature lightning strikes, in a simple cassette, they had found the perfect solution to control odour in a commercial kitchen and the first in a range of Advanced Oxidation Systems developed using ozone and UV light to purify the air.

Come and meet David on stand 222 and see for yourself how innovation really is tomorrow’s profit, for everyone.