UK-based Plasma Clean was founded by two University of Manchester scientists, to be a research-led manufacturer of air quality products for commercial premises.

Our core business is kitchen ventilation. We’ve a range of products that control grease, smoke and odour. They reduce duct-cleaning costs, prevent fires and resolve odour complaints. Making workforces healthier and happier.

These positive effects, on both businesses and health, led us to developing Indoor Air Quality products outside of the kitchen. In 2016, we started to utilise our technology to vastly improve ventilation systems throughout commercial buildings.

Today, we’re established in a wide variety of sectors; right at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. Our innovative range of certified, retrofitted and standalone solutions boast a 99% microbial kill rate. Imagine removing the COVID-19 virus, and other harmful microbes from an office, a kitchen, a gym or a dental surgery in just 11 minutes… We’re already there.

And if you’re overseas? We work with international agents who can specify and supply our products worldwide.


It’s 2008. Two University of Manchester scientists, Dr David Glover and Professor Christopher Whitehead, set up Plasma Clean to manufacture products that enhance air quality and create a cleaner, safer environment.

We began as a venture capital-backed spin-out company formed to commercialise non-thermal or cold-plasma technology for air treatment. Our odour-control product, Xtract 2100, first hit commercial kitchens in 2008

Today, Plasma Clean operates globally from our Manchester base. We’re an established and trusted pioneer of indoor-air-quality products for all commercial sectors.


Dr David Glover, holder of a doctorate in Environmental Microbiology, is our co-founder and Technical Director, leading the firm’s R&D. He’s been joined by Chief Executive Officer Steve Keogh who, with over 20 years’ experience in commercial business, leads the growth and development at Plasma Clean.

The rest of our excellent team is built up of established industry experts in sales, commercial projects, logistics and marketing.

Professor Christopher Whitehead, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and expert on the use of plasmas for the purification of indoor air and the destruction of odours, remains on board as a product inventor.

Products & Services

We’re all about research-led products that provide a cleaner and safer working and living environment. In these unprecedented times, our work has never been so important. We keep people safe, we keep businesses running safely and we protect economies.

We focus our cutting-edge plasma and UVC technologies on three key areas: Infection Control, Indoor Air Quality and Kitchen Ventilation.

Plasma Clean is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, including Hilton, Marriott, Premier Inn, Burger King, McDonalds, Tesco and TGI Fridays.

To stand by our brand, we offer a 3 Year Warranty Care Plan on all of our own installed products and relatable parts.

Who do we work with?

If you’re an M&E consultant or contractor, a designer, a specifier or an environmental health officer, we can protect your clients and their customers with our technology. If you’re in facilities management, we can help you resolve issues with odours in waste-storage areas and infection-control solutions.

We also specify our solutions with clients direct. Our household-name clients include Tesco, Marks & Spencer, to McDonald’s, Premier Inn, Ed’s Easy Diner, and Hilton Hotels.

Geography is no barrier; we operate throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia, in the hospitality, medical and commercial sectors.

You can learn more about how Plasma Clean products have been installed or integrated into various projects, as well as view testimonials, by exploring our Case Studies.

Our values

Here are the values and factors that have shaped and make Plasma Clean…

We are open and honest in all of our individual, team and business actions

Customer Focused

We serve our customers, seek facts and provide solutions

We develop our people to realise their potential and to be creative

We work together to improve our own individual strengths

We work hard and we enjoy what we do

We strive to pursue excellence and be the best at what we do

Infection Control

Protect people, disinfect surfaces and create a safer, cleaner environment with research-led expertise in infection control.

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Indoor Air Quality

Protect people’s health, increase productivity and profit.

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Kitchen Ventilation

Destroy grease and odours, prevent fire.

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Service & Maintenance

Keep equipment running at peak efficiency.

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At Plasma Clean, we’re trusted pioneers in Indoor Air Quality solutions. We’ve researched the issue since 2008, with clients that include Tesco and McDonald’s. At the heart of everything we do is a belief in creating a happier, healthier, more-productive workforce.

So, when our Founder and Technical Director, Dr David Glover, published a White Paper on Indoor Air Quality in November 2019 – that’s exactly what we called it.

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