How does ozonolysis work?

The term ozonolysis describes the chemical reaction that takes place when ozone reacts with – or oxidises – odour molecules. What makes ozonolysis so useful is that it can oxidise many organic compounds (e.g odour molecules) at room temperature. By generating ozone and injecting it into kitchen ductwork, it is therefore possible to destroy cooking smells quickly and effectively. Ozone can be created from oxygen by applying powerful electrical discharges (corona discharge or cold plasma methods) and by the use of ultraviolet light.

Where we use ozonolysis

Xtract 2100

This unit generates ozone and injects it into the canopy or duct run. The exhaust fan then draws the ozone through into the canopy or duct. Here, it oxidises the volatile organic compounds that are the source of odours as well as continually acting on grease deposited on the duct surface.

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Techniclean units generate ozone via UV light, and combine ozonolysis with photolysis to break down grease and odours.

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