Coil filtration


Coil filtration

How do coil filters work?

Coil filters work to filter out oil and grease and stop them entering into the extraction system. They capture up to 95% of grease and oil particles – as compared to just 20-40% achieved by traditional baffle filters.

There are four stages to the operation:

  • Stage 1 – Oil vapours condense on the large surface area of the filter coils as heat is transferred from the air.
  • Stage 2 – As the air finds its way through the twisted shapes of the coils, it is forced into a series of tiny vortices. Droplets of oil and grease are spun out and continue to travel at a tangent.
  • Stage 3 – The travelling oil and grease particles then hit another point on the surface of the filter coils. They become trapped in the viscous oil coating on the filter surface.
  • Stage 4 – As more and more particles land on the surface, they form droplets and settle by gravity into a filter cup. The waste oil and grease can then be collected for recycling.

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