Techniclean UV-C


Techniclean UV-C

Techniclean Range • UV Filter and Ozone

Low Grease and Odour Control solutions

Plasma Clean’s Techniclean UV-C filters are an extremely effective way to remove low grease and odour from kitchen extraction air. Combining high intensity UV-C light with ozone technology to break down grease particles and odour molecules, Techniclean is a small footprint, low energy solution to low grease and odour problems.

The units are available as canopy mounted UV systems or as slimline in-duct units. They fit well even in kitchens where space is limited, and perfectly-matched power supplies combined with 13,000 hour (up to 2-3 years of operation) lamps deliver superior performance over longer periods of time.

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Techniclean Mini

The Techniclean Mini is designed to break down odour and low grease in the kitchen extraction system using the mechanism of photolysis and ozonolysis – combining high intensity UV-C light with ozone technology. Featuring high output UV-V lamps, the grease and odours from the cooking process are attacked first by UV-C light (photolysis). Ozone then continues to act through the ductwork as the exhaust air moves through (ozonolysis).

Ideal for retrofit, the Techinclean Mini can fit into existing ductwork and can be installed using an access panel. It should be placed as close to the kitchen canopy as possible to reduce grease build up in the downstream ductwork.

The Techniclean Mini can be used on its own or in combination with an electrostatic precipitator for the control of grease, smoke and gaseous odours. Utilising the latest long-life lamps with perfectly matched power supplies, the unit delivers superior performance and enhanced lifetime.

Units are modular and can be combined together as required. UV-C technology can also be combined with Electrostatix in a single grease, odour and smoke unit (see Combined Electrostatix with UV-C).

How does it work?

Techniclean combines two separate mechanisms: photolysis and ozonolysis. Photolysis occurs when UV-C light breaks down grease and odour molecules. Ozonolysis is when ozone produced from natural oxygen breaks down odour and ductwork grease. End products are simply carbon dioxide and water vapour. The two processes work in combination, eliminating grease and odour problems.

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  • Typical Applications

    • Food service ventilation in –
      • Restaurants and takeaways
      • Cafes and fast food bars
      • Pubs and clubs
    • Food production and processing
  • Benefits


    • Destroys grease and gaseous odours
    • Helps keep extract ductwork virtually grease free
    • Reduces the need for ductwork cleaning
    • Operates automatically
    • Reduces fire risk
    • Low running costs
    • Small footprint
    • Minimal maintenance


    • Temperature control option for energy efficiency
    • Grease-free air opens the way to heat recovery
    • No consumable chemicals
    • Recyclable steel construction

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