Electrostatix (EPSs)

Electrostatix (ESPs) Range

Plasma Clean’s Electrostatix electrostatic filters (also known as electrostatic precipitators, or ESPs) are the ideal choice for removing particulates from air. By applying our innovative technology, we’ve been able to make our ESPs up to twice as effective as competitor units.

The highest efficiency for the highest flow rates

Suppliers typically quote efficiency/particle removal rates for ESPs of 95% and above. Look more closely, however, and you find that high efficiency percentages often relate only to low volume air flows. The Electrostatix stands out by providing the highest efficiency for the highest flow rates. We’re happy to calculate what can be expected in any particular kitchen.

Our top rate? 99.99%

Leading technology for strong performance

Where honeycomb-type systems create only positively charged particles and leave around 20% of particles untouched, Plasma Clean electrostatic filters create both positive and negatively charged particles. Both types are then trapped on the charged collector plates. Combined with our larger than average collector cells, this makes a dramatic improvement to ESP performance.

The pressure drop is two to three times lower than competitor ESPs, so there’s no need for energy-hungry bigger and noisier fans. We’ve also included stainless steel ioniser blades, which don’t break– unlike competitor tungsten wire ionisers. And a high voltage stand off insulator virtually eliminates arcing, which prolongs even further the life of the already robust power supply.

The units are designed specifically for commercial kitchen and food production use. Low power, they can be configured in single, double or even triple pass depending on the nature of the cooking and the levels of efficiency required.

How does it work?

Contaminated air first passes through a diffuser and pre-filter. Grease and smoke particles are then ionised to give them an electrostatic charge. This attracts them to collector plates where they are trapped.

Electrostatix Lite

Plasma Clean Electrostatix Lite is designed for Grease & Smoke Control in smaller commercial kitchens – cafes, pop ups, food trailers etc. – where space is restricted. The unit has a built-in flow sensor. This ensures it only runs when the kitchen extraction system is operating, increasing energy efficiency. The permanent filters are easily removed for cleaning in warm soapy water, rinsed off and dried thoroughly before replacing.

ElectroStatix Further Information & Care

• Spent collector cells are removed for cleaning and replaced with fresh ones by our maintenance engineers.
• Cells typically last three to four months between changes.
• Two-year parts warranty.
• Planned maintenance contracts available
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