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Our range of air quality sensors, UVGI and plasma products ensure a cleaner, safer environment for our customers.

The innovative solutions focus on three key areas; infection control, indoor air quality and commercial kitchen ventilation.

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Protects health

Whether you’re an employee or customer, knowing that you’re breathing in safe air offers peace of mind that your health won’t be at risk.

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Inactivates COVID

Our UVC solutions have been proven to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 the virus responsible for COVID-19.

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Our solutions clean the environment they’re in, meaning there’s less need for manual cleaning and maintenance.

Tried & Tested

Tried and tested

Our products are certified against industry regulations to guarantee the highest quality solution.

Live Monitoring

You’ll have access to live, continuous information about your air quality and the ability to share with all building owners and users.

Increases Productivity

Our products measure and improve your indoor air quality, proven to increase cognitive ability and concentration.

Latest Case Studies

Brasserie Blanc, London

Kitchen Ventilation

Brasserie Blanc, London

Kitchen Ventilation

Headingly Carnegie, Leeds

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