Why did we refresh our logo?

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Ever wondered what it takes to create a logo?

In the world of business, it’s all about creating that “wow” factor and stating something that characterizes the company.

Being a symbolic sign, a logo is one of the most important parts of a company or project identity. It should combine lots of magic ingredients of success: pure and distinctive shapes and colours as well as being both original and meaningful.

The Plasma Clean Logo

Our has changed a few times over the years.  Plasma Clean was born out of ground breaking research at The University of Manchester. Spun out by its founders Dr David Glover and Professor Christopher Whitehead, the original technology used non-thermal plasma– hence our name.  Following several years of R&D and product development, we launched our first product the Xtract 2100 in 2008. So we believe, 10 years later, is a perfect opportunity to refresh our logo and state our vision.

We are a UK company that produces, sells and installs equipment to create a cleaner, safer environment. All our products are energy efficient, quiet and effective – so we take good care of our environment. For commercial kitchens we have grease, odour and smoke control products and services. We have solutions for large, medium and small commercial kitchens and we work in the UK and overseas.

Our knowledge and understanding are the keys to our success. We offer CIBSE accredited CPD Seminars to consultants and Environmental Health officers. Our professional staff is always ready to give our customers the best service they can get. From consultancy to supply, commissioning and service packages we can help from start to finish.

So, why do famous brands change their familiar logos?

It’s simple: Tastes change with time. It’s all about creating a brand image that’s relevant to your audience.

What did we do?

We just wanted to be clearer about what we believe in. Not only are we odour and infection control, not only do we supply air purification solutions –we create a cleaner, safer environment. In any environment that requires it.

The logo should, of course, be consistent throughout the marketing media platforms of the company. The website, social media, files, presentations, email signatures and so on should say the same thing. Being constant in the eye of your audience is the base of brand awareness and audience preference.

And one last positive note. In a logo, and in life, always be positive. A logo should be fresh & positive with hopeful values and words. As the saying goes, ‘what you say is what you get’.

Happy 10 years of trading Plasma Clean!

Vered Halifa

Marketing Planner

Plasma Clean Ltd

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