New website, new products, new guidance… and new challenges

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To each and all,

To those of you who are reading this, a huge thank you and a giant well done is in order, from our house to yours. Thank you for supporting one another through the most tempestuous year in a generation, and well done for steering through the storm yourselves.

As we enter the UK’s 2nd national lockdown, we hope that we can all maintain this magnificent energy and find the light, in what has been a dark time for many. Our common goal is to help one another, get the economy back on its feet and progress.

Plasma Clean was started in 2008, primarily offering Kitchen Ventilation solution. We have nothing but the utmost respect for the restaurant trade and have always worked hard to help the industry flourish. Therefore, it has been incredibly tough to see the challenges that the hospitality industry has had to endure. With this in mind, we have introduced a variety of Leasing Options on all Plasma Clean install products. We hope this eases pressure, and allows businesses to keep hold of their valuable working capital. All payments are both fixed and 100% tax deductible – and for a small administration fee, you can purchase the equipment at the end.

Being a science-led company, we are constantly keeping check on the magnificent work being done behind the scenes to tackle Coronavirus, in labs all over the world. The general consensus is that a “Eureka!” moment is not far away. So, with this in mind, we want to take a second to highlight the things we can all be doing in the background to keep us safe and keep things moving.

Firstly; ventilation plays such a huge part. Winter may be fast approaching, but we can all stick a layer on and crack open a window. According to José Luis Jiménez, an atmospheric chemist at the University of Colorado; in a classroom of 24 students, the risk of transmission dramatically shifts from 50% to around 5%, simply by letting fresh air in.

Secondly; we have time and we have hindsight. The first wave of this pandemic took the entire world by surprise. Now we are somewhat prepared for a second national lockdown, we deeply encourage businesses within the hospitality and commercial food sectors to use this time to repair, service or upgrade their Kitchen Ventilation equipment. Don’t allow grease to lay sat within canopy hoods, and remove any build ups from within your ventilation ducting. Not only can these nasty substances prevent units from operating correctly, they are also a great fire hazard.

Thirdly; UVGI is on the rise. Last week, CIBSE announced updates to their Ventilation Guidance, just in time for building owners and occupiers to review their ventilation and heating strategies prior to winter. We were thrilled to see their acknowledgement of Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation, especially after years of celebrating the qualities of UVGI within Infection Control and Indoor Air Quality. Plasma Clean offers a range of standalone “plug and play” solutions, as well as in-duct ‘retro-fit’ units that can be installed into new or existing projects.

On the subject of installation, we have just made the decision to offer a 3 Year Warranty Care Plan, to those who need complete peace of mind. This spreads across our entire range of installed solutions, including all relatable parts.

Finally, while we appreciate this is a lot of information to take in, especially on the cusp of what could be another unprecedented period – we’ve broken it all down into clear, concise sections on our brand new website. We hope this all helps, and that if there’s any questions, concerns or queries, then please drop us a line.

For now, stay safe and we wish you minimum disruption.

Steve Keogh
Plasma Clean CEO

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