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6 steps to fresh air

Looking for fresh smelling air and a DEFRA compliant kitchen? Whether you’re involved in specifying commercial kitchens, installing kitchen equipment, or running a busy restaurant, air quality is a key concern. As part of our service, our guide helps you exactly with this. Step one: Site assessment This first step is all about understanding the […]

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Winning the Food Hygiene game

Would you eat at a restaurant or from a takeaway with a Food Hygiene Rating of three or fewer? What does the rating imply to you? Dirty kitchens? Maybe the odd cockroach hanging around? It’s not an appealing thought, is it? Truth is, if you work in the catering game, you know you must display […]

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Want the WC and waste storage air smelling fresh and hygienically clean?

What is odour control? How does it work? And what are the trusted solutions? The simplest way to describe this is if you think about nature. During a thunderstorm you have high voltage which is created in a cloud. This high voltage needs to get to ground. It builds and builds and eventually the air […]

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Everybody needs good neighbours

Meet Phil and Jo. They’ve just moved into a buzzing, cosmopolitan neighbourhood. They’re young, they love a bit of city life and they’ve got everything on their doorstep – bars, restaurants, nightclubs, markets. They’re in heaven. Even better, Phil and Jo love a late-night Chinese and, as luck would have it, there’s a takeaway right […]

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Put a Rolls-Royce in your kitchen

A few years back, Rolls-Royce brought together its controls and data-analysis functions to bring new benefits to its jet and ship engines. And here at Plasma Clean, we’ve done a similar thing for commercial kitchens. We’re the first to combine two world-leading technologies into one premium product. All in one solution If grease, smoke and […]

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