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Indoor Air Quality feature within The Guardian’s Science Podcast

Dr. Lena Ciric is an associate professor in Environmental Engineering at UCL. Here, in this podcast with The Guardian, there are several points she makes which go hand-in-hand with Plasma Clean LTD‘s services and solutions: • “In any indoor space, I think we need to be aiming for better ventilation and better rates of fresh […]

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Plasma Clean • 2020 Overview

In the face of adversity, Plasma Clean LTD continues to deliver an essential range of Infection Control, Commercial Food Solutions, Kitchen Ventilation, WC Solutions and Nationwide Service & Maintenance. For more information; drop us a line via our Contact Page, LinkedIn, or INFECTION CONTROL• Improves Indoor Air Quality tenfold• Virus-Free Clean Air 99+% Disinfection […]

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Food Prep • Re-opening the Hospitality Sector after lockdown

Hello and firstly, well done to everybody out there managing to push on in the face of this adversity. Whilst our social presence has been a touch quieter recently, it has been matched with great progress and development behind the scenes. We have a few projects which we can’t wait to share with you, and […]

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Ensuring a safe workplace in a post-Covid world

Hello and we hope everyone is safe, well and the mists are starting to clear with regards to getting back into your respective workplaces. We understand this is still very overwhelming, which can only be heightened by the apparent lack of #direction or clarity in what is needed to ensure workplaces are re-opened safely. With […]

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How can Plasma Clean help your business in a post-Covid world?

Plasma Clean’s CEO, Steve Keogh, breaks down what we do, how long we’ve been doing it, and how our Indoor Air Quality / Infection Control / Virus Prevention / UVGI solutions will protect your commercial or domestic environments, during and after the global Coronavirus pandemic. We are open to questions, thoughts and challenges. So, if […]

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