Commercial Degreasing

Without the regular deep cleaning of grease within filters, canopies, extraction fans and ductwork or the use of electrostatic precipitator & UV technology, you’re putting your business at a heightened risk of fire. Grease reduces the time taken for a fire to spread throughout your premises, putting not only your building but people’s lives at risk.

Grease Filter Cleaning Service

Clogged filters in your kitchen canopies not only create a serious fire hazard but also cause your kitchen extract ventilation system to no longer work to optimum performance. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure your filters last longer, your kitchen extract ventilation continues to work effectively and efficiently, as well as reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Grease Filter Replacement

As part of our inspection, we’ll identify your commercial kitchen grease filters that may need replacing due to old age or damage and arrange the installation of replacement filters.

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