COVID-19 Cleaning

Trusted by hospitals, schools, hotels and other commercial properties in the disinfection against COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

From suspected or known outbreaks to precautionary decontamination, we’re safeguarding work environments with our coronavirus cleaning services. We work to inactivate harmful microbes, including SARS-CoV-2 the virus responsible for COVID-19, to safeguard your people, your building and your business – no matter your industry.

We work with you to provide tailored approaches to virus decontamination based on your requirements and premises size.

Whole Room Disinfection

With our disinfectant room fogger, we ensure all those hard to reach places and corners of the room are thoroughly disinfected, creating safe work environments.

Manual Disinfection

We provide manual disinfection of all touchpoint surfaces including light switches, taps, handles and desks using a broad-spectrum biocide cleaning agent proven to inactivate 99.9+% of all bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.

Steam Cleaning

For areas and items that can’t be manually disinfected or use whole room disinfection, such as surfaces, fabrics and upholstery, use our steam cleaning service.

COVID Risk Assessments

Our consultancy includes assistance with the creation of bespoke method statements and risk assessments for your premises.

Removal of Coronavirus Waste

From double-bagging to the removal of all cleaning materials and associated coronavirus wastes from site, we’re here to help.

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