Maintenance & Services

Trusted and certified engineers serving the nation.

We’ll keep you supported every step of the way with our maintenance and services that keeps your equipment working at maximum efficiency. Plus, we offer a 3 Year Warranty care plan on all our installed products and relatable parts.

Commissioning & Servicing

We ensure all equipment has been installed correctly and at optimum performance by checking:

  • Equipment is interlocked for safety, energy-efficiency and correct operation with the ventilation fan
  • Products are interlocked with the extract fan
  • Uniform distribution of total air volume across the unit
  • Correctly-sized transformation pieces to ensure optimum performance
  • Installation that allows maintenance, including lamp and filter changes
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COVID-19 & General Disinfection Cleaning

Our COVID cleaning services will decontaminate COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreaks in a variety of premises, including hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and other commercial properties.

From manual disinfection of all touchpoint surfaces using solutions proven to inactivate 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus and steam cleaning services to COVID risk assessments, we provide a tailored approach to virus decontamination.

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Fire Damper Testing

Prevent the quick and dangerous spread of fire and smoke through your building by ensuring your fire dampers continue to work effectively with regular tests and maintenance.

Our fire damper testing will check for signs of wear and tear, obstructions, or dust and dirt in your building’s ductwork that may prevent them from working effectively should a fire break out.

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Commercial Degreasing

Without regular deep cleaning of grease filters, canopies, extraction fans and grease extract ductwork, you are putting your business at a heightened risk of fire.

We provide a kitchen duct cleaning and grease filter cleaning service to reduce the potential of fires to break out and spread in your premises.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The build up of food, grease, dust and debris increases the risks of fire, accidents and the spread of bacteria and potential cross-contamination of food.

Reduce the risk of these health and safety hazards, keep your employees and customers protected with regular commercial kitchen grease removal and cleaning and prolong the lifespan of your kitchen equipment with commercial kitchen deep cleaning.

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TR19 Standard Duct Cleaning

Control grease and the risk of fire with our duct cleaning and industry-standard TR19 inspection service to keep your kitchen and buildings operational.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance

Keep your equipment working at optimum efficiency with planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to reduce operational disruptions and the costs associated with unexpected downtime. All our maintenance options can be project managed through PPM to ensure work is scheduled and our engineers carry out work on time and within your budget.


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Employee sickness costs UK businesses around £77 billion in lost productivity each year, and poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health.

We’ve been at the forefront of indoor air quality solutions since 2008 and know all too well how indoor air quality is a vital component of a productive, successful company and workplace.

Read our white paper, ‘How indoor air quality can contribute to a happy, healthy and more productive workforce‘, created by our Founder and Technical Director, Dr David Glover.

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