Retro-fit Infection Control

Prevent, control and kill the spread of harmful microorganisms

UVC can be used to kill off micro-organisms. Until now, it’s been used for water and surface treatment. But airstream disinfection has been less predictable. That’s down to underspecifying UVC. We’ve fixed that problem by specifying high-intensity UVC.

The benefits of retro-fit infection control

Founded by two University of Manchester scientists, we provide tested, certified products that score a 99+% microbial kill rate.

Retro-fitting our equipment to existing ventilation systems makes it a quicker, less-intrusive, cost-effective solution.

TechniKlean UVGI

TechniKlean UVGI treats in-building ventilation systems using plasma technology that can achieve a 99+% microbial kill rate. It comes with a perfectly matched power supply and the latest long-life lamps.

Techniclean UVGI:

  • Is corrosion-resistant, Zintech-finished
  • Can be joined for greater efficiency
  • Is suitable for retrofit and new sites
  • Has low pressure resistance
  • Available with our 3 Year Warranty Care Plan.

CoilKlean UVGI

CoilKlean UVGI prevents biofilm formation and keeps heat-exchange coils clean. It provides surface treatment of coils with secondary air treatment.

CoilKlean kills microbial growth but also helps maintain optimum heat transfer across the coil surface and maximise energy-efficiency. This reduces maintenance costs and limits the risk of manual damage.

CoilKlean UVGI:

  • Disinfects 99+% of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi
  • Improves energy savings
  • Dramatically reduces manual coil cleaning
  • Is easy to retrofit
  • Operates quietly
  • Available with our 3 Year Warranty Care Plan.

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An Introduction to UVGI

Ultraviolet light in the c-band range (225–302 nm) is lethal to micro-organisms and is referred to as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). It is well known for its germicidal – or germ killing – properties and is used extensively for water and surface treatment. Historically, airstream disinfection has proven less predictable. This is due to underspecifying the UV-C dosage and poor design. UVGI works by cross linking the nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) which prevents replication and proliferation of micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, spores, moulds, yeast and fungi. It is important to use the correct UVC dosage in order to achieve high kill rates.

Low intensity UVC can be used for surface treatment as there is a long UVC exposure time whereas high intensity UVC is required for air treatment as the exposure time is short.

The UV dosage to achieve microbial kill varies considerably between micro-organisms, with spore-forming microbes being more resilient to UV attack than vegetative cells, for example. Microbial spores are akin to plant seeds and are adapted to withstand extreme environments whereas so-called vegetative cells are those which grow and divide – a plant seed can survive in, and actually requires, dry conditions whereas the vegetative new shoot after germination requires water.

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UVGI Case Studies

Elta Fans, West Midlands

Elta wanted to safeguard and ensure the best possible office environment for their staff.

Case Study Coming Soon

Wellington College, Berkshire

This consultant-led project required Plasma Clean UV-c technology being installed into the large, widely used kitchen in this listed independent school.

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