Indoor Air Quality Health Check

  • Affordable real time air quality monitoring
  • Assess and optimise your building ventilation efficiency
  • Control the spread of airborne infection
  • Enhance business ROI through improved productivity and reduced sickness
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance and energy costs
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Increasing productivity and reducing sickness

Good indoor air quality is proven to increase productivity and alertness leading to greater creativity, whereas poorly ventilated buildings can lead to sick days, loss in concentration and general fatigue.

Our approach is to measure, analyse and implement the most appropriate solution to improve indoor air and environmental quality.

Through our assessment and diagnostic approach, our indoor air quality sensors determine whether or not the ventilation system is operating effectively. We can then implement the best solution for your environment using proven technology that inactivates airborne infection and removes airborne contaminants such as PMs, NOx and VOCs.

Buildings owners and facilities managers may also be throwing away money through their mechanical or natural ventilation systems.  Treated air released outside of the building is literally throwing cash out of the window.  Our indoor air quality solutions can increase ventilation – equivalent Air Changes per Hour – without the need to open windows or increase ventilation rates. This provides cost benefits leading to return on investment.

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Sensor Technology

58% less sick leave is taken by staff when indoor air quality improves, while cognitive performance scores 60% higher in tests in ‘green spaces’. By continuously monitoring indoor air quality, high risk areas can be identified and understood to support proactive ventilation measures being put in place.

By gaining a live and specific measure on your indoor air quality through your dashboards, you can directly share with all building owners and users to help build a common understanding of the building’s performance, making it more likely for action to be taken and results to be achieved.

How our sensors work

Indoor air quality solutions


From the hallway to the classroom, our latest Upper Room UVC innovation uses UVGI technology to inactivate harmful microbes and offer continuous disinfection.



AirKlean removes the need for other air quality control pollutants such as chemical disinfectants to provide a clean, safe environment. The wall or ceiling mounted unit is easy to fit and plugs into standard outlets.



MobiKlean is ideal for schools with portable units able to disinfect classrooms before and after use.


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