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Infection control & indoor air quality for food manufacturers

  • Extend product shelf life
  • Reduce food wastage and spoilage
  • Prevent, control and inactivate the spread of airborne bacteria during production with proven UV technology
  • Reduce costs of ongoing manual cleaning
  • Increase employee wellbeing and productivity
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Extending product shelf life in the food industry

While PPE measures are a necessity, companies have a responsibility to meet microbiological standards for air quality in food manufacturing to maintain a safe and clean environment.

Poor air filtration causes harmful bacteria to grow, resulting in food spoilage and employee sickness. With ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology proven to inactivate common microbes, our air purification technologies will prevent, control and inactivate the spread of airborne bacteria during the food production process. By keeping your ductwork clean and disinfecting the air circulating through your air handling units, you can enjoy extended product shelf life, reduce waste and save money.

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Indoor air quality in food manufacturing


TechniKlean ensures ductwork remains clean and air is disinfected as it circulates through air handling units in large spaces such as warehouses so food manufacturers can guarantee a safe, quality controlled environment extending shelf life and reducing food wastage and spoilage.



CoilKlean inactivates over 99% of microbes and helps maintain optimum heat transfer across the coil surface to maximise energy-efficiency. This reduces maintenance costs and limits the risk of damage through manual cleaning.



In confined spaces such as packing, Upper Room solution, RoomKlean, uses UVGI technology for continuous disinfection, inactivating over 99% of microbes in minutes.


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