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Large kitchen

Large Kitchen

Large kitchen

The Leeds Metropolitan University Training kitchen is situated in the Pavilion of Headingly Carnegie Cricket Ground. The state-of-the-art centre is in daily use. The canopy egress point is at the top of the ground, extracting air onto the cricket pavilion.

Grease and odour was therefore a major concern with the installation. Before the kitchen could be used, it was imperative that adequate control measures were put in place.

Plasma Clean were approached to advise on the air purification solution and on the specification and commissioning of the extraction system as a whole.

It was vital to ensure only clean air was extracted from the kitchen canopy, so Plasma Clean installed its Techniclean UV-C system in conjunction with an Electrostatix electrostatic precipitator. The high output ozonating lamps proved ideal for the job, and because the unit was interlocked to the ventilation system, there was no issue with excess ozone expelling into the kitchen.


“The knowledge and expertise that Plasma Clean brought to the project proved invaluable. Since the kitchen has been in full operation there have been no problems with grease or nuisance odour. The extraction system as a whole has been fantastic and I cannot thank Plasma Clean enough for all their efforts and expertise on the project”.

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