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Hotel & Fine Dining

Hotel / Fine Dining

South Lodge

Plasma Clean provided an odour control solution for the exclusive 5 star South Lodge Hotel in West Sussex.

The Hotel was undergoing a major refurbishment, and the award winning Camellia restaurant was central to the project. The position of the kitchen meant that the canopy exhaust was only 10 metres from one of the luxury guest rooms, so odour control was a key element in the system design.

“The decision to install a Plasma Clean solution to combat kitchen odours at the South Lodge Hotel was an easy one for us to make.

We’d heard about the Plasma Clean solution and it ticked all the boxes; effective long-term odour control, low cost, simple to install, and the running and maintenance costs are minimal.

Kitchen odours were a major concern when the South Lodge refurbishment was taking place, but the Plasma Clean system has eliminated all our worries. With the system installed, there are categorically no odours emitted from the kitchen extraction system, so guests occupying the suites surrounding the restaurant can have an enjoyable stay with us.

I would strongly recommend Plasma Clean to any business concerned with odour pollution…these systems are by far the best on the market.”

Rupert Spurgeon, General Manager, South Lodge Hotel

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