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Eds Diners

Ed’s is a retro-American diner that captures the spirit of the classic US using iconic symbols of an unforgettable period in US history. Ed’s Diners are characterised by a feel-good, optimistic mood with the music, design and culture of a unique era. Ed’s delivers a quality eating experience at great value prices.

Plasma Clean have worked on a variety of Ed’s Diner Restaurants. We have established a standard format that we then tailor to the specific requirements of each site. The majority of Ed’s Diner restaurants require a combination of grease control and odour elimination.

Our standard solution involves using ‘Grease Bloc’ canopy-mounted filters for grease particle reduction, and Xtract 2100 odour control units for eliminating gaseous odours. On sites with high grease content and shorter duct runs, we use our Techniclean UV-C solution to offer greater capacity for destroying odours and grease.

‘We have been really happy using Plasma Clean products for air purification across a number of Ed’s sites, which enables our heat recovery unit to function effectively.’

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