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Indoor air quality for office spaces

  • Reduce employee sickness
  • Increase employee productivity and creativity
  • Prevent, control and kill the spread of airborne viruses
  • Enhance business ROI through reduced sickness
  • Reduce costs of ongoing manual cleaning
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Improve air quality in office spaces

Employee sick days costs UK businesses £77 billion in lost productivity each year – that equates to 30.4 days on average per employee. Poorly ventilated office spaces and unmaintained air handling systems could be causing more of these employee sick days than you realise.

Take control of indoor air quality in the workplace with our standalone and retro-fit solutions for office spaces of all sizes. Our cost-effective technologies improve air quality in office settings by preventing, controlling and killing over 99% of common microbes, keeping your employees safe and healthy and your business reaps the benefits of increased productivity and ROI.

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Infection prevention and control

Bipolar Ionisation

Bipolar Ionisation

Bipolar Ionisation uses technology to neutralise bacteria and virus cells in the air to ensure continuous disinfection and improve the indoor air quality in commercial buildings.



Ideal for smaller office spaces, RoomKlean is an easy to fit Upper Room solution that kills 99%+ of common microbes with continuous disinfection. Plus, it only requires a low level of maintenance.


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Filtration Consultancy

From initial inspection to testing and auditing, our consultancy service will ensure your air handling systems continue to run at maximum performance and efficiency, reducing the costs of ongoing manual cleaning and enhancing business ROI.


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