Plasma Clean Team

Kitchen Ventilation


The control of cooking odours in paramount in this retail / residential area

This sensitive site was located in a shopping precinct, with low-level discharge and offices located above


Due to extraction odours affecting both the immediate precinct footfall, as well as offices around the site, the result was high maintenance costs with existing odour control equipment.


Plasma Clean retrofitted Coil Filters into sites’ existing Canopy Hoods, capturing 95% of grease. On top of this, our Xtract 2100 was installed, releasing ozone directly into the kitchen ventilation system – working directly on cooking odours.


“The Coil Filters are amazing and the Xtract 2100 is now our preferred system – rolled out across many sites. Since we have had the equipment installed, we have seen a massive reduction in grease build up in the ductwork and equipment in the kitchen extraction system…this has resulted in reduced maintenance and cleaning costs.”