Techniclean UV-C


Techniclean UV-C

Techniclean – UV filter and ozone

For: Grease and odour control in ducted or canopy systems

Plasma Clean’s Techniclean UV-C filters are an extremely effective way to remove grease and odour from kitchen extraction air. Combining high intensity UV-C light with ozone technology to break down grease particles and odour molecules, Techniclean is a small footprint, low energy solution to grease and odour problems.

The units are available as canopy mounted UV systems or as slimline in-duct units. They fit well even in kitchens where space is limited, and perfectly-matched power supplies combined with 13,000 hour (up to 2-3 years of operation) lamps deliver superior performance over longer periods of time.

How does it work?

Techniclean combines two separate mechanisms: photolysis and ozonolysis. Photolysis occurs when UV-C light breaks down grease and odour molecules. Ozonolysis is when ozone produced from natural oxygen breaks down odour and ductwork grease. End products are simply carbon dioxide and water vapour. The two processes work in combination, eliminating grease and odour problems.

Find out more: how photolysis works »

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For a complete grease, odour and smoke solution, we can combine Techniclean with any or all of the following products:

Coil filters – grease and oil

Electrostatix ESP units – grease and smoke

Xtract 2100 – odour

Units are modular, and can be combined together as required. UV-C technology can also be combined with Electrostatix in a single grease, odour and smoke unit (see Combined Electrostatix with UV-C).

Installation: In-duct Units

The system sits in the duct run. It should be located as close to the cooking process as possible in order to reduce grease content and so leaving the downstream duct virtually grease free. The system has a low back pressure and is hardwired into mains electricity via an airflow interlock to ensure the system operates automatically when the extraction system is running.




Volume Flow Rate Normal odour / after ESP : up to 1.4m3/s
Heavy odour : up to 1.1m3/s
Normal odour / after ESP : up to 2.1m3/s
Heavy odour : up to 1.5m3/s
Power 522W 696W
Power Supply 1ph / 230V / 50Hz / 2.27A
Class D circuit breaker required
1ph / 230V / 60 Hz / 3.2A
Class D circuit breaker required
Dimensions 525 H x 1051 W x 220 D mm 533H X 1574W X 220L mm
Weight 25kg 30kg
Pressure Drop 50 Pa (no light guard)
Construction Powder coated mild steel
Safety Door interlock for UV safety
Unit to be interlocked with air flow
Optional extras Flow proving switch
Hours run meter (to monitor lamp life)
Sequential lamp frame start-up (for multiframe systems)

Installation: Canopy Mounted Units


Short Rack

Long Rack

Number of lamps 2, 4 or 6 2,3,4,5 or 6
Volume flow rate Up to 2.19m3/s, subject to cooking duty Up to 3.9m3/s, subject to cooking duty
Power consumption per tube 87W 155W
Power supply 1ph / 230V / 50-60Hz

Class D circuit breaker required

1ph / 230V / 50-60 Hz

Class D circuit breaker required

Dimensions of lamp rack (nominal) 350H x 900W x 80D mm 350H X 1600W X 80D mm
Weight (lamp rack) 10kg 12kg
Pressure Drop 50 Pa (no light guard)
Construction Stainless steel lamp racks
Powder coated steel ballast box
Safety UV light guards and air flow interlock via control panel
Safety UV light guards and air flow interlock via control panel
Control Panel Multi-function UV controller and UV transducer box designed to indicate lamp life and to interlock canopy mounted UV filter with air flow. Complete with audible alarm and touch pad facia.

Care and Maintenance

  • From time to time the UV-C lamps will need cleaning to remove the fine deposits of ash. A simple wipe with a cloth soaked in detergent is all that’s needed, followed by drying with isopropyl alcohol. Frequency depends on usage.
  • Lamps will need replacing only every two – three years. This should be done by suitably-qualified engineers.
  • Plasma Clean maintenance and support contracts are available – see Support.

More information

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  • Typical Applications

    • Food service ventilation in –
      • Restaurants and takeaways
      • Cafes and fast food bars
      • Pubs and clubs
    • Food production and processing
  • Benefits


    • Destroys grease and gaseous odours
    • Helps keep extract ductwork virtually grease free
    • Reduces the need for ductwork cleaning
    • Operates automatically
    • Reduces fire risk
    • Low running costs
    • Small footprint
    • Minimal maintenance


    • Temperature control option for energy efficiency
    • Grease-free air opens the way to heat recovery
    • No consumable chemicals
    • Recyclable steel construction

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